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How is it with the obligation to use the pedestrian-bicycle routes or is I obliged to use them or is there any freedom? The obligation referred to in the question actually existed until recently, but after the amendment of the act, the driver of a bicycle is not obliged to use the road for bicycles and pedestrians, i.e. on foot – cycling. However, if he uses it, he must exercise extreme caution and give way to pedestrians. When do not I have to use the bicycle route? Do I have to do dangerous maneuvers on the road according to the law? Call Law Offices of Jonathan M. Friedman for personal injury help in Portland.


The driver of the bicycle is obliged to use the bike path or bike lane if they are designated for the direction in which he is moving. Contact a Portland bicycle accident attorney. This provision leaves no doubt, if there is a path set in the direction for which we are traveling (from my own cycling practice, I have not yet encountered single-way paths), then we have an obligation to use it. In the example presented by the reader, the obligation to use the paths sometimes leads to absurdity and instead of increasing the cyclist's safety, he forces unnecessary maneuvers on the road, which can lead to dangerous situations. Unfortunately, in our country, and the city of Portland, it is often the case that statutory assumptions do not harmonize with reality. The same is true for cyclists,

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