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What is the difference between the crime of personal injury and that of beatings ? It consists precisely in that pathological state that derives from it, regardless of its level of severity and the duration that characterizes it, which is absent in the beatings, from which “only” a “pain” reaction that leaves no functional residues. The illicit personal injury is governed by Penal Code, which provides for a series of exacerbation: what are the aggravating circumstances of personal injury? Risk of death; impediments in the usual occupations for a period of time greater than 40 days; loss of a sense, or of the use of an organ, or weakening of one or the other; loss of use of a limb or mutilation; deformation of the face and scarring; loss of the ability to procreate. How to get compensation for personal injury? Either by becoming a civil party in a criminal proceeding or by instituting proceedings for unlawful liability (contractual or extra-contractual) before the civil court including moral harm (ie non-pecuniary damage). Visit NM Truck Accident Attorneys a Deming personal injury law firm.

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