Fontana Age Discrimination Lawyers

Rejected for recruitment because of too serious an age, he can not complain about unacceptable selection criteria for the crew. However, he may demand compensation from a would-be employer for the use of such practices in Fontana.


Broslavsky & Weinman, LLP dealing in the age discrimination in Fontana services will help in the cases of young employed people. They guarantee a job in a company with an established position in the market in a young, dynamic team "- such an advertisement recently found an internet portal dedicated to employment. Hire a Fontana age discrimination lawyer for your case.


The young age of the candidate, anticipated by the employer, additionally accompanied by "work in a young, dynamic team" leaves no shadow of a doubt as to the breach of what fundamental principle we are dealing with. The more cautious are generally limited to information about "working in a young, dynamic team", those who are unprotected hit directly: the old are unwelcome. And, in general, forty-year-old women and forty-year-olds carefully avoid such advertisements, assuming that they will not change anything, and they will lose only time. Find a lawyer from Broslavsky & Weinman, LLP Fontana employment law firm.

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