Civil Litigation Lawyers in Los Angeles

the civil proceedings A Los Angeles civil proceeding is a lawsuit between 2 parties. That can be people, but also foundations and companies. In civil proceedings, for example, it concerns a rental dispute, divorce, collection, trade dispute or an employment case. It concerns disputes between citizens, and the government is not involved. Government bodies, such as a municipality, can act as a civil party, for example as a client, lessor or employer. Hire a Los Angeles civil litigation lawyer for your case. Parties are usually citizens, but associations, foundations or companies can also act as parties.


Summons A claimant is a person who starts the proceedings with a summons. It states who he is, what he wants and why. He also indicates which evidence he can provide to support the claim. The writ of summons contains a requirement, which describes which sentence the court should give. The summons is summoned with the summons to appear at a certain time in a specific court. He can do that through a so-called conclusion of the answer. In this, the defendant can indicate the points on which he agrees or disagrees with the claim and why he believes that the claim is wrong.


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