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The court then has to make the decision that ” best suits the best interests of the child “. In particular, the court has to take into account: The will of the child. Even small children can be heard personally by the court. The older the child is, the more his will will be taken into account when deciding. A custody decision against the declared will of a fourteen-year-old is legally (and factually) hardly possible. Hire a Los Angeles child custody attorney for the best outcome for your child.


Even with younger children, it is usually very easily recognizable whether there is an influence by a parent The suitability of parents for the education of a child The continuity of education and the environment. If possible, the child should not be separated from his closest caregivers and torn from his familiar surroundings The Los Angeles living and living conditions of the parents after the separation No criteria for the custody decision are:


The welfare of the parents (imminent depressive illness as a consequence of the removal of the child) As a rule, the reasons that led to the failure of the marriage. If a parent engages in intimacy with a third party during the marriage, that alone can not be said to be his or her educational inability. The custody decision is not a “punishment” for marital misconduct. Land Legal Group, APC are a family law firm in Los Angeles.

But the father, who beats up his wife and children, has at the same time shown his inability to educate children. The employment of a parent, at least when the care of the child is ensured during working hours. If there are several children, a division between father and mother is very rare. Such a separation of siblings contradicts in most cases the welfare of the children.

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