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Spine damage is a spinal cord injury, including the nerves of the terminal part of the spinal canal. Neurological damage to the lower part of the spinal canal may cause permanent loss of sensitivity, impairment of body functions below the location of the lesion, and loss of strength. The causes of spinal injuries are manifold. Many injuries are caused by simple car accidents and accidents motorcycle or verifiable slips or falls, for example, in a common commercial operation. Others are related to childbirth , or to incorrect medical treatment . Research in the orthopedic and neurological fields shows optimism about the possibility of repairing spinal injuries in the future. An injury to the spine can lead to serious complications and significantly compromise every aspect of the life of the injured person. Prevention is therefore fundamental . However, treatment and care enable a large number of individuals with spinal injuries to live with the spinal cord injury and lead an independent and productive life.


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